Sirkus Íslands (Icelandic national circus) has been delighting audiences all over Iceland since 2007. From humble beginnings as a handstand workshop in central Reykjavík, the circus has grown exponentially, and in 10 years has become a strong company and respected name in live entertainment in Iceland. The company has been self-funded for most of its life and has staged family shows with extended seasons, broken world records and spent countless evenings serving adult circus entertainment.

The company is made up of a diverse group of people, mainly Icelanders, with talents including cyr, chinese pole, aerial rope, trapeze, straps, acrobatics, juggling and artistic bicycle. Our goal of making the circus visible and accessible in Iceland took great leap in 2014 when we successfully crowd funded Iceland’s very first circus tent. We perform every summer all over Iceland. Over winter we train in a world class gymnasium.


Róló is slang for playground in Icelandic. It is the place of play, physical challenge, where we stretch our bodies and our minds, a place of dreams. We remember the róló where anything was possible. In this 2 hour family circus show, we get a glimpse into a spectacular world of an Icelandic róló, brought to you by the wild imaginations of Sirkus Íslands. This epic 12 person show has been 2 years in development and showcases the best of Icelandic circus from cyr to aerial to artistic bicycle to Frisbee juggling. We glimpse into a day in the life of a róló and all the wacky characters that come and go, schoolkids, clumsy council workers and a particularly agile cat. A show for all ages, full of colour, humour and wild circus skill.

Skynsemi means ‘prudence’ and skin means… skin. This adult show prudently peels off the decency, throws it out the window and replaces it with outlandish circus madness. Bold, sexy, skilful, hilarious and sometimes just plain weird, this show is a mixed bag of adult circus Icelandic style.
“I thoroughly recommend this evening… my shamefulness enjoyed this evening to the fullest” Student.
“This evening is brilliant. I have seldom laughed this much at butt-naked people” Internet developer.
“The tears were streaming down my cheeks as I lay in a fantastic laughing cramp” Graphic designer.